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"One Vicious Hitman. One Fierce Cop. Ten Thousand Bullets."
  • R
  • 1989
  • 1 hr 50 min
  • 7.8  (50,918)
  • 82

The Killer is a 1989 Hong Kong action thriller film directed by John Woo, starring Chow Yun-fat, Danny Lee and Sally Yeh. The film follows the story of a hitman named Ah Jong, who is assigned to carry out a hit on a nightclub singer named Jennie. However, during the hit, Ah Jong accidentally blinds a young girl while also getting himself injured. He then decides to take responsibility for the girl's operation and her recovery, leading to his own pursuit by the underworld.

The movie begins with Ah Jong carrying out a hit on a crime boss. During the hit, he accidentally hits a young girl who is subsequently blinded. After the hit, he visits a church and confesses his sins to the priest (who actually turns out to be a detective investigating the hit). Meanwhile, Jennie is having difficulty paying off a huge debt, which is why she's approached by the same crime boss Ah Jong just assassinated. The crime boss offers to cancel her debt if she agrees to help him with his next job - killing a businessman.

At the nightclub where Jennie is performing, Ah Jong is also present to discuss a job for him and his partner, the Triad boss Fung Sei. During this discussion, he hears about the conspiracy to kill the businessman and decides to kill Fung Sei just as he's about to carry out the ambush. Jennie witnesses Ah Jong's face during the attack and tries to catch him at the church while she's being pursued by the crime boss. Ah Jong and Jennie meet and agree to work together, leading to a tense and exciting finale.

Throughout the movie, we see Ah Jong as a skilled and ruthless assassin, who has a code of conduct that he follows. He doesn't kill innocent people, and he takes responsibility for any collateral damage he causes. He's a man who is conflicted about his profession and has a soft spot for those who are vulnerable. Sally Yeh's Jennie is a singer with a financial problem; she's in debt and needs to make money to pay off her debts. She's a strong-willed character who decides to take matters into her own hands and get involved with Fung Sei's hit job.

Chow Yun-fat delivers a standout performance as Ah Jong. He's both charismatic and deadly, with immense screen presence. The action scenes in the movie are well-executed and dynamic, showcasing the talents of the actors and the choreography of the fight scenes. The camera work is also noteworthy, with beautiful shots and angles that add to the excitement and intensity of the story.

The Killer is a movie that explores the theme of redemption. We see Ah Jong trying to make amends for his mistake by taking care of the blinded girl he accidentally injured during the hit. He's a man who wants to get out of the business and start a new life, but he's unable to escape his violent past. We also see Jennie's transformation from a helpless victim to an empowered woman who decides to take control of her situation.

The movie features a memorable musical score by Lowell Lo and composer Wu Bai, which lends an epic and emotional quality to the action scenes. The cinematography is also notable for its use of light and color to create mood and atmosphere.

In conclusion, The Killer is an action-packed thriller that showcases the talents of its cast and crew. It's a movie that explores complex themes of redemption, morality, and duty. With its stunning action scenes, strong performances, and stylish direction, The Killer remains one of the greatest Asian action movies of all time.

The Killer
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    1 hr 50 min
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    7.8  (50,918)
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