Hard, Fast and Beautiful

"The Price Of Fame In The Big-Time Sports Racket!"

Florence Farley faces the question of whether she should fulfill her promise as a tennis player or follow her heart to be with the man she loves. Florence falls for Gordon soon after meeting him, but finds a natural talent for tennis that sets her on the way to the US National Junior Championships. Life for Florence is complicated by her difficult to handle mother, who threatens Florence's relationship with Gordon and her career as she tries to climb the social ladder on the back of her daughter's success.

| 1951 | 1 hr 18 min | 6.2/10
Claire Trevor, Sally Forrest, Carleton G. Young, Robert Clarke
Ida Lupino
Hard, Fast and Beautiful
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Ida Lupino - Hard, Fast, & Beautiful Teaser|0:22
Ida Lupino - Hard, Fast, & Beautiful Teaser|0:22