Hero's Island

"Pioneers Of The Sea... Tamers Of The Land... Builders Of The Dream!"
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Hero's Island is a 1962 motion picture directed by Leslie Stevens. It stars James Mason, Rip Torn and Warren Oates among others. The plot centers on a family of freed indentured servants who are granted a title to an island off the Carolina coast.The island is already occupied by fisherman who claim the island is their own and does not belong to the family. A conflict ensues and the husband in the family is killed. A castaway is washed up onto the island. This man is Blackbeard the pirate who offers to join sides with the family against the sqatters of the island. Another fisherman joins the family in their fight to own the island.

| 1962 | 1 min | 5.7/10
James Mason, Neville Brand, Kate Manx, Rip Torn
Produced By
Leslie Stevens
Hero's Island
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Also directed by Leslie Stevens

Also starring Neville Brand