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"The game of hide and seek is about to turn deadly."

This 2012 movie is a new release from Anchor Bay productions, a subsidiary of the Stars Network. The movie Hiding was made for direct to video audiences; it was filmed with a very low budget and has three new comers to the screen. The principal stars in the Hiding are Jeremy Sumpter, playing the character of the buff jock. Tyler Blackburn, as the strange artistic type. They are both clasmates at the school where the new transfered student played by Ana Villafañe comes to hide. The film was directed by Thomas J. Wright. This film is rated PG-13 and the running time is 1 hour 36 minutes.

The plot is about a crime committed in the big city and the innocent young girl witness is sent away to hide under the auspice of the witness protection program. The young womans relocation sends her to a small town where she becomes the object of attention for two of her classmates. The two boys attempt to conquer the affections of the new arrival to no avail. The film progress with a few flashback scenes, then there are numerous attempts to conquer the affection of the new girl in class. Half way through the film, the boys even enter the town's food eating contest in order to impress the girl.

Some of the camera attempts at special effects are crude and inefective. The plot developes very slowly, later in the film the young woman starts having flashbacks and feels the need to tell her story; a few subplots develop which are insignificant to the original idea of the film. The use of strange angles and camera work in many scenes are not make the audience imagine they are walking around in the flashback scene. The film's mission is not achieved until the very end. Notable is the fact that until very late in the films progress, is when the story unravels. This film has small amounts of drama and the supporting cast do no not have much to do in the film. The action shots are very passive and far in between. It is written as a suspense mistery movie.

Because this film was originally made for the direct to video and small screen, do not expect big budget special effects or interesting locales. Many of the shots seem to have been photographed in the same town, including the opening scenes where the origin of this story takes place. This film is mostly for young adults and teenagers, mature audiences may find some of the situations too long and drawn out.

| 2012 | 1 hr 35 min | 4.7/10
Ana Villafañe, Dan Payne, Natalie Radford, Candace Marie
Thomas J. Wright

Also directed by Thomas J. Wright

Also starring Ana Villafañe

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