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  • 2014
  • 25 min
  • 6.6  (651)

The movie "Human Voice" from 2014 is a short film, based on the one-act play "La Voix Humaine" by Jean Cocteau. The movie stars the legendary Sofia Loren in the role of an unnamed woman who talks on the phone to her ex-lover played by Enrico Lo Verso, after their relationship has ended. Alessandra Bonarota plays the voice of the protagonist's dog, which is her only companion throughout the film.

The movie is set in a luxurious apartment, where the woman begins her conversation with her former lover. She tries to talk to him, to reconnect, to make him understand the reasons why their relationship didn't work out. She seems desperate to keep the connection alive, but the viewer can feel the tension in her voice, the heartbreak and pain of the situation.

Throughout the movie, the woman's inner feelings and deepest thoughts are revealed to the viewer. The phone call is the only interaction with the outside world, and the woman takes the conversation as the last chance to finally express herself and confront her ex-lover. The man on the other side of the phone is never seen or heard, only inferred through the woman's responses.

The one-sided conversation gradually turns into a battle of words, as the woman tries to control the situation, manipulate the ex-lover and change his mind. The woman's emotions range from hopeful to desperate, as she tries to explain herself, trying to justify her actions, blaming her lover for the end of the relationship. It becomes clear that the woman is dealing with her own insecurities and struggles, and she's not willing to let go of her past love.

The movie is visually stunning, and the director (Edoardo Ponti) uses the apartment as a symbol of the woman's claustrophobic state of mind. The camera angles and the lighting create an intense atmosphere, and the natural expressions of Sophia Loren give life to the woman's character, making it feel real and heartbreaking.

The dog's voice adds an interesting layer to the movie, acting almost as a voice of reason to the woman. The dog's character becomes central to the story, showing the woman's desperation for companionship and even love. The dog's voice, often treated by the woman as the only trustworthy friend, serves as a device for the woman to externalize her thoughts, and to endow those thoughts with more weight.

The film is emotionally charged, and the viewer can't help but feel the woman's pain and broken spirit. The film deals with the universal theme of heartbreak and the inability to move on, and how people grow attached to their past memories, even if they are destructive.

In conclusion, "Human Voice" is a powerful movie that showcases a tour de force performance by Sophia Loren. It's a film that explores the complexity of human relationships, the depth of loneliness, and the struggle to move forward. This short film is not to be missed by anyone who can appreciate a great acting performance alongside a beautifully shot and emotionally charged story.

Human Voice
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    6.6  (651)