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"The Homecoming"
  • 1998
  • 7.2  (935)

Hyderabad Blues is a 1998 Indian film written, directed, produced and starring Nagesh Kukunoor. The film is a romantic comedy-drama and it was Kukunoor's feature film directorial debut. The film also starred Rajshri Nair and Vikram Inamdar in prominent roles. The movie revolves around Varun (Nagesh Kukunoor), a photographer from New York who decides to visit his hometown of Hyderabad, India. He comes to Hyderabad for a six week trip to attend his cousin's wedding. However, as he spends time in the city, he begins to question his identity and whether he belongs to America or India. He also experiences the cultural differences between the two countries and the changes that come with modernization.

Varun meets Ashwini (Rajshri Nair), a traditional Hyderabadi girl who is a doctor by profession. As they spend more time together, they start to fall in love. But before they can confess their feelings, Varun has to leave for New York. When he returns to America, he realizes that he is deeply in love with Ashwini and decides to propose to her. He then returns to Hyderabad to ask her hand in marriage.

The movie is a charming and heartfelt romantic comedy with quirky scenes and relatable characters. The film's dialogue is in Hyderabadi Urdu, which was unique for Indian cinema at the time. The movie highlights the contrast between American and Indian cultures through the eyes of Varun. It explores the differences in the perception of love, marriage, and family in each culture.

One of the best features of the movie is its music. The movie features a stunning soundtrack with a fusion of Western and Indian music composed by Kukunoor himself. The songs add depth to the movie and are a treat for the ears.

The movie's direction is elegant and captures the essence of Hyderabad perfectly. The visuals of the film showcase the beauty of the old Hyderabad juxtaposed against the modernization of the city. Kukunoor's direction makes every scene count as we see the protagonist change and grow.

The performances in the movie are commendable, especially considering the actors were not seasoned performers at the time. Nagesh Kukunoor's portrayal of Varun is endearing and relatable. He plays the role of an American-Indian with much ease and makes the character his own. Rajshri Nair's Ashwini is charming and embodies the traditional Hyderabadi girl with grace. Vikram Inamdar's portrayal of Varun's best friend Sanjeev adds the right dose of humor to the movie.

Overall, Hyderabad Blues is a gem of a movie that explores love, culture, and identity. It is a movie that remains timeless and has only gotten better with age. It is a perfect film for anyone who loves romantic comedies, especially those who are interested in exploring the cultural differences between America and India. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves movies that leave a lasting impression.

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