I Come with the Rain

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A private detective haunted by the violence of his life as a police man is hired by a powerful CEO to find his missing son. The trail leads him into the jungles of Mindanao and then to Hong Kong where his investigation gets him tangled up with the workings of a crime syndicate. As he is immersed in the violent crossfire of the Hong Kong police and the syndicate, he is also forced to confront memories of a gruesome case he once solved.

Not Rated
| 2009 | 1 hr 54 min | 5.4/10
Josh Hartnett, Nu Yên-Khê Tran, Byung-Hun Lee, Takuya Kimura
Tran Anh Hung
Produced By
Fernando Sulichin, Jean Cazs, Jean-Pierre Marois
I Come with the Rain
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