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"Comes just before the fall"
  • R
  • 2013
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 5.3  (4,289)
  • 39

In the movie August, Josh Hartnett stars as Tom Sterling, a young businessman who has been working his way up the corporate ladder in New York City for several years. Along with his friend Joshua (Adam Scott), Tom has founded a successful internet company that has just been sold to a larger corporation for a huge profit. In the midst of celebrating their success, Tom receives a phone call from an old flame, Sarrah (Naomie Harris), who he hasn't seen or spoken to in years. Sarrah is stranded in the city with nowhere to go and no money, and Tom feels compelled to help her out. He invites her to stay at his luxurious apartment while she figures out her next move.

As the days go by, Tom's seemingly perfect life begins to unravel as he is forced to confront the reality of his relationships, both personal and professional. Sarrah's presence forces him to confront the feelings he still has for her, and he begins to question the choices he has made in his life. Meanwhile, his business partner Joshua is embroiled in a scandal that threatens to ruin everything they've worked for.

August is a character-driven drama that explores themes of love, loyalty, and the choices we make in life. The movie is set against the backdrop of New York City, with stunning cinematography that captures the city's energy and vibrancy. The performances by the three leads are powerful and nuanced, bringing depth and complexity to their characters.

Josh Hartnett delivers a nuanced performance as Tom, a man who appears to have it all but is struggling with his own insecurities and doubts. Naomie Harris is equally impressive as Sarrah, bringing a quiet intensity to her performance that is both captivating and heartbreaking. Adam Scott rounds out the trio with a standout performance as Joshua, a man who is desperate to hold onto his power and success despite the cost.

The movie is directed by Austin Chick, whose previous films include XX/XY and Sundance hit, Walking and Talking. Chick brings a sensitivity and insight to the material, exploring the emotional terrain of his characters with honesty and compassion.

Overall, August is a thought-provoking drama that will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled with personal or professional relationships. The movie is a testament to the power of great performances and storytelling, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

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    5.3  (4,289)
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