I Love You

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Ramesh is a happy-go-lucky young man. In this film, he spends his life driving about with his friends and dating young women before leaving them. The story line of "I Love You" has Ramesh pursuing Suvarna, a girl from afar who comes to town for the educational opportunities. Suvarna arrives with and is promised to a cousin named Prasad. Ramesh has plans to derail that relationship and manages to temporarily win the affection of Suvarna. After breaking up with Suvarna, Ramesh gets involved in an accident which renders him unable to use his legs.

Confined to a wheelchair, Ramesh realizes his earlier mistake and manages to redeem himself by offering to marry Suvarna. She consents, but changes her mind when she discovers a shocking truth.

1979 | | 5.8/10 | 0/100
Chiranjeevi, Shankar Nag, Sridevi
Vayu Nandana Rao
I Love You
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Also starring Shankar Nag