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  • 1997
  • 6.3  (359)

The film entitled Hitler is centered on the life and experiences of a very young child known as Chiru. After the death of his mother while he was still very young he was left with his five beautiful sisters and their father Dasiri to take care of them. Unfortunately their father who was later suspected for killing their mother was captured by the police and detained. This was very hard on the children and as a result Chiru developed hatred for his father and only had concern for his sisters.

The six children grew up together with Chiru the only boy being very protective of his sisters whom he loved and cared so much about. He was always ready to support and defend them at all times from any one that tried to hurt them. He was always worried about their safety where ever they went so much so that he would even defend them from people who would even just look at them for he trusted none of the people in the village especially when his sisters were concerned.

Apart from Chiru's over protective habits over his sisters they were all living a happy life. Things started falling apart when one of his sisters Mohini fell in love with their uncle's son Rambha. Chiru was not in support of their relationship and one day he got Rambha well beaten when he met him and Mohini in their house. Mohini got angry and ran away from home with Rambha. The other sisters who were not in support of what Chiru had done hated him for doing that.

During this trying moments their father was released from detention and he came back home. All his attempts to make up with Chiru and tell him the truth were not successful.

Some days later one of his father's colleagues revealed to Chiru the truth about his mother's death and even told him his father Dasiri had been killed by people sent by his uncle. Chiru was devastated to learn that his uncle and not his father was responsible for his mother's death as he had been made to believe.

The film was written by Siddique, directed by Muthyala Subbayya and produced by Lakshmi.

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    6.3  (359)