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  • 2009
  • 1 hr 13 min
  • 5.4  (208)
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Impolex is a surrealistic and experimental film that follows the journey of Tyrone S. (Riley O'Bryan), a US soldier, who is sent on a mission to locate and disarm unexploded Nazi missiles at the end of World War II. Along the way, he meets a quirky cast of characters who challenge his perceptions of reality and the meaning of his mission.

The film is inspired by Thomas Pynchon's novel Gravity's Rainbow, which explores similar themes of warfare, madness, and the absurdity of human existence. Impolex is shot in an unconventional style and experiments with different film techniques, including found footage, color filters, and sound design.

The film is set in a lush forest in upstate New York, which serves as a symbol of the chaos and destruction of the war. Tyrone S. navigates through the forest, encountering strange artifacts and visions that deftly blend reality and fantasy. His journey is complicated by his growing infatuation with Atalia (Kate Lyn Sheil), a mysterious woman who seems to be connected to the missiles in some way.

Throughout the film, Tyrone S. grapples with his conflicting desires to complete his mission and to escape the madness of the war. His conversations with other characters reveal the absurdity of war and the futility of trying to make sense of it. At times, the film borders on the existential and the philosophical, with characters questioning the very nature of reality.

Along the way, Tyrone S. encounters a number of strange characters who add to the surreal atmosphere of the film. These characters include Scotty (Bruno Meyrick Jones), a soldier who has gone AWOL and is now living in the forest, and a group of eccentric treasure hunters who are searching for a legendary giant squid. These characters each have their own quirks and obsessions that add to the overall sense of chaos and confusion.

The film is a challenging and thought-provoking piece of art that is not afraid to push boundaries and experiment with different styles and techniques. While it may not be for everyone, it is a must-see for fans of experimental cinema and those who enjoy exploring complex themes and ideas.

Overall, Impolex is a surreal and unnerving film that offers a unique perspective on the madness of war and the human condition. It is a testament to the power of experimental cinema and the potential of film to challenge our perceptions of reality.

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