In Enemy Hands

The story of a fictitious US Navy submarine, the USS Swordfish. While the crew of the Swordfish are on patrol in the North Atlantic, the ship gets ambushed by two German U-boats. Swordfish destroys one of them, but ends up getting very damaged by a torpedo fired from the second, U-boat U-429. Eight members of the Swordfish's crew are able to escape and are held prisoner on board U-429. However, the executive officer from the Swordfish, had previously contracted meningitis and given it to his captain, and contaminates the crew of U-429. Within days, over half the German crew, as well as some of the Americans, contract the disease and die. The Germans and Americans are forced to work together to keep the boat operational. In the meantime, another U-boat and an American destroyer, the USS Logan, threatens to attack and overwhelm their tentative truce.

| 2003 | 1 hr 34 min | 6.0/10
Jeff Bleckner, Tony Giglio
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In Enemy Hands