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"It took courage to get to Luzon - and blood and guts to move every mile beyond!"
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  • 1964
  • 1 hr 15 min
  • 5.2  (916)

Back Door to Hell is a 1964 war film that stars Jimmie Rodgers, Jack Nicholson, and John Hackett. The movie is set during World War II in the Philippines, where a squad of American soldiers is sent on a mission to blow up a Japanese radio tower. The mission is a risky one as they have to travel through enemy territory, and the Japanese have set up several traps along the way to stop them.

The movie opens with the soldiers being briefed about their mission. The squad leader, Lt. Craig, tells them that they will be parachuted into a remote jungle area, and they will have to make their way through the dangerous terrain. Once they reach the radio tower, they will set the explosives and destroy it.

The men are all nervous about the mission as they know that they are up against a formidable enemy. However, they are determined to carry out their orders and do their duty for their country. They soon land in the jungle, and their journey begins.

As they make their way through the dense forest, they encounter several obstacles. They have to cross rivers, climb mountains, and avoid Japanese patrols. The Japanese have set up booby traps all over the place, and the men have to be careful not to step on them.

As they get closer to the radio tower, the tension begins to mount. They can hear the Japanese soldiers communicating over the radio, and they know that they are getting closer to their target. They have to be extra careful now, as any mistake can prove fatal.

When they finally reach the radio tower, they set up the explosives and wait for the right moment to detonate them. However, things don't go as planned, and they end up in a dangerous situation. They have to fight their way out of it and try to make it back to their base camp.

The movie is a gripping and suspenseful tale of war, bravery, and sacrifice. The performances of the actors are excellent, and they bring their characters to life with great authenticity. Jimmie Rodgers is outstanding as Lt. Craig, the brave leader who will stop at nothing to complete his mission. Jack Nicholson, playing the role of the soldier known as "Pvt. Sandman," also turns in a memorable performance.

The action sequences in the movie are well choreographed, and the cinematography is stunning. The scenes of the soldiers making their way through the jungle are especially impressive, and they help to create a sense of tension and dread.

Overall, Back Door to Hell is an excellent war movie that is worth watching. It is a taut and suspenseful thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. If you are a fan of war movies or action movies, then you should definitely check out Back Door to Hell.

Back Door to Hell
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