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  • NR
  • 2007
  • 6.8  (780)

Jagadam is a 2007 Telugu language action drama film directed by Sukumar and starring Ram Pothineni, Isha Sahani, and Prakash Raj. The movie revolves around a young man named Seenu, played by Ram Pothineni, who is a reckless and ruthless thug from Hyderabad, known for his violent behavior and involvement in illegal activities. Seenu is extremely loyal to his gang leader, Baaji (played by Prakash Raj), and will do anything to protect him. He develops a close relationship with Subbalakshmi (played by Isha Sahani), a beautiful girl from a respectable family. However, their relationship is troubled by their different backgrounds and Seenu’s violent personality.

The movie opens with Seenu engaging in a street fight with a rival gang, which leads to his encounter with Subbalakshmi. Despite their initial disagreement, Seenu is attracted to her and makes efforts to win her over. However, she is hesitant to get involved with him because of his questionable lifestyle. Meanwhile, Seenu becomes increasingly involved in violent crimes and gains more power in his gang.

The plot thickens when Seenu is given a new assignment by Baaji. He is tasked with killing a police officer named Ajay who has been interfering with their illegal businesses. This leads to a sequence of events that tests Seenu’s loyalty and forces him to confront various moral dilemmas.

The movie is filled with action sequences, chase scenes, and intense confrontations between rival gangs. The director successfully creates an atmosphere of tension and danger, which keeps the audience hooked throughout the movie. The performances by the lead actors are noteworthy, with Ram Pothineni delivering a powerful performance as the conflicted protagonist. Isha Sahani also shines as Subbalakshmi, portraying a vulnerable yet strong-willed character.

Apart from the action and drama, Jagadam also explores themes such as the corrupting influence of power, the consequences of violence, and the challenges faced by those who try to break away from an abusive environment. The movie also highlights the social and economic differences between Hyderabad’s various neighborhoods, and how they shape the lives of the people who live there.

Overall, Jagadam is a gripping and intense movie that showcases the talents of its lead actors and its director. While it may not be suitable for audiences who are sensitive to violence, it is a must-watch for fans of action and drama movies.

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