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  • 2006
  • 5.0  (396)

Devadasu is an Indian Telugu language romantic drama film from 2006, directed by Y.V.S Chowdary. The film stars Ram Pothineni and Ileana D'Cruz in the lead roles, with Sayaji Shinde in a supporting role. The movie follows the story of two childhood friends, Devadasu and Bhanumati, who fall in love with each other but are separated by class differences.

Devadasu, played by Ram Pothineni, is the son of a wealthy businessman who is used to getting whatever he wants. He's a carefree and irresponsible guy who is not interested in studying or working, instead, he spends most of his time partying with his friends. On the other hand, Bhanumati, played by Ileana D'Cruz, is a middle-class girl who's studying medicine and is working hard to become a doctor. She's the complete opposite of Devadasu in terms of work ethic and ambition.

Despite their differences, Devadasu and Bhanumati have been friends since childhood. They meet again after years and fall in love with each other. However, their love story is not a smooth one. Devadasu's father objects to their relationship, as he thinks that Bhanumati is not a suitable match for his son, and he plans to marry him off to another wealthy girl. Bhanumati's family also opposes their relationship, as they believe that Devadasu is irresponsible and would not make a good husband for their daughter.

Devadasu and Bhanumati try to convince their families that their love is genuine, but to no avail. Devadasu's father goes to the extent of sending him abroad to complete his studies so that he can forget Bhanumati. Bhanumati, heartbroken and unable to deal with the separation, eventually agrees to an arranged marriage with a man of her parents’ choice.

The separation hits Devadasu hard, and he becomes an alcoholic, drowning his sorrows in drinks. He moves to a new city and starts a new life, where he meets a girl named Gayathri, played by Shriya Saran, who is portrayed as an outgoing and cheerful girl. Devadasu finds solace in Gayathri's company, and they become close friends. She helps him to overcome his addiction and become a responsible person.

Meanwhile, Bhanumati's life takes an unfortunate turn, leaving her in a precarious situation. Devadasu comes to know about her plight and rushes to her rescue, but now Bhanumati is married and emotionally unapproachable towards him.

The rest of the movie follows the triangle of Devadasu, Bhanumati, and Gayathri, as they try to navigate through their complicated relationships. As Bhanumati begins to realize the significance of Devadasu in her life, will she fulfill her 'pativrata dharma' or reunite with her love, forms the climax of the movie.

Devadasu is a quintessential romantic drama, with stunning visuals and touching performances by the lead actors. The film is known for its soulful music and beautiful locales, which perfectly capture the emotions of the characters. The chemistry between Ram Pothineni and Ileana D'Cruz is spellbinding and endearing, leaving the audience rooting for their happily-ever-after. With its heartwarming story and cinematic excellence, Devadasu is a must-watch for all romantic movie lovers.

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