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  • 1973
  • 1 hr 13 min
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Jarrett is a 1973 film that tells the story of a recently released convict named Charlie Jarrett, played by Glenn Ford, whose aim is to get back his life from the path of crime he ended up with. The movie is a classic crime drama genre that showcases the hurdles that a convicted person faces after they return to society. The film was directed by Barry Shear and produced by Robert Kaufman.

The story begins with the release of Charlie Jarrett from prison. He was convicted of bank robbery and had spent six long years behind bars. However, Jarrett had a new plan for his life. He wanted to turn over a new leaf, marry his girl, and settle down to live a normal life. However, things were not easy for him as his past continued to haunt him. The world beyond the prison walls had moved on, and he was outdated in every way.

He discovers that his girlfriend has married someone else and that he is no longer welcome in his old neighborhood. Charlie finds refuge in a seedy motel and starts looking for work. However, every door is slammed shut on him, and his criminal record is an unwelcome reminder everywhere he goes.

One day, while hiding from the police in a local bar, he runs into his former crime partner, Vic. Vic offers Charlie another chance at a big score, a bank heist in Mexico. However, Charlie is hesitant to indulge in criminal activities, but the circumstances force him into it.

Jarrett then travels with Vic and two other criminals, played by Anthony Quayle and Forrest Tucker, to Mexico for the robbery. As they begin to execute the plan, things start to spiral out of control, and the police arrive. The rest of the movie shows how Charlie confronts his past and deals with the present.

One of the most remarkable things about this movie is the performance of Glenn Ford. He delivers one of his best performances in the lead role of Charlie Jarrett. His portrayal of a man trying to turn over a new leaf, haunted by his past, makes a deep impact on the audience.

The other actors in the film, Anthony Quayle and Forrest Tucker, also deliver powerful performances. Quayle's character is a no-nonsense mastermind of the bank heist, while Tucker's character is the comic relief in the movie.

The breathtaking locations captured in Mexico by the cinematographer, Gerald Perry Finnerman, provide a great backdrop to the movie. The movie's visual appeal is enhanced by the spectacular portrayal of the natural beauty of Mexico. The movie's theme song, "All Right, All Right," is catchy, and the soundtrack is emotionally charged.

The movie's screenplay is excellent, and the pacing is perfect. The director, Barry Shear, gives the audience an authentic and unromanticized view of the life of an ex-convict. The director has managed to create a sense of suspense and tension throughout the whole narrative. The dialogues are crisp, and the script does not indulge in verbose speeches.

In conclusion, Jarrett is a classic crime drama that showcases the struggles of an ex-convict trying to live a life on the straight and narrow. It is a film that explores the theme of redemption without being overbearing. The movie succeeds in conveying the message that redemption is possible for anyone who is willing to work hard and stay true to themselves. With excellent performances, a great soundtrack, and breathtaking visuals, Jarrett is a film that is worth watching even today.

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