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Cowboy (1958) is a classic western movie directed by Delmer Daves, starring Glenn Ford, Jack Lemmon, and Anna Kashfi. The film depicts the story of a veteran cowboy, Tom Reece (Glenn Ford), who takes on a greenhorn cowboy, Frank Harris (Jack Lemmon), as his partner on a cattle drive from Oregon to Wyoming. The journey is full of challenges, dangers, and unexpected events that test the courage and character of both men.

The movie begins with the arrival of Frank in Oregon, looking for a job as a cowboy. He is inexperienced, naive, but determined to learn the trade and make a living out of it. He meets Tom, an experienced and rugged cowboy, who has been in the business for decades. Tom agrees to take Frank under his wing and teach him everything he knows about riding, roping, and surviving in the wilderness.

The two men set off on the trail with a herd of cattle, along with a diverse group of cowboys, some of whom are friendly and loyal, while others are hostile and dishonest. Frank quickly realizes that the life of a cowboy is not as romantic and adventurous as he imagined it. He has to deal with harsh weather conditions, stampedes, rustlers, and his own fears and doubts.

Tom, on the other hand, is facing his own demons. He has a troubled past, filled with regrets, losses, and mistakes. He is haunted by the memory of his son, who died in a cattle drive years ago, and cannot forgive himself for not being there to protect him. Tom sees a bit of himself in Frank, and tries to guide him in a paternalistic way, warning him about the dangers of the trail, but also cherishing his courage and energy.

As the cattle drive progresses, the relationship between Tom and Frank evolves from a teacher-student dynamic to a friendship based on mutual respect and admiration. They share stories, jokes, and secrets around the campfire, and develop a deep bond that transcends their age and background differences. The other cowboys also start to respect Frank, and admire his tenacity and bravery in the face of danger.

However, their journey is not all smooth sailing. They encounter several challenges that shake their confidence and faith in each other. They have to cross high mountains, dangerous rivers, and hostile territories occupied by Indians and rustlers. They witness the cruelty and injustice of some of their colleagues, who abuse the cattle and steal from the company. They are also put to the test by nature, which can be merciless and unpredictable.

Despite these obstacles, Tom and Frank never give up, and never lose their sense of humor and humanity. They learn from their mistakes, and adapt to the changing circumstances. They also learn to appreciate the beauty and freedom of the open range, and the simple pleasures of cowboy life, such as singing, dancing, and flirting with pretty girls they meet on the way.

Cowboy (1958) is a movie that captures the essence of the western genre, with its epic landscapes, rugged characters, and wild adventures. It also offers a deeper insight into the human condition, and the meaning of friendship, loyalty, and redemption. The performances of the three main actors, especially Glenn Ford and Jack Lemmon, are outstanding, and bring to life complex and compelling characters that stay with the audience long after the movie ends.

The cinematography and the music are also remarkable, creating a vivid and immersive atmosphere that transports the viewer back in time and space. The Ultra HD version of the movie enhances the visual quality, and allows the viewer to appreciate the details and nuances of the production.

In conclusion, Cowboy (1958) is a must-see movie for anyone who loves westerns, or classic movies in general. It tells a timeless story of human courage, resilience, and perseverance, and celebrates the spirit of the American west, that will always inspire and fascinate people around the world.

Cowboy [Ultra HD]
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