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  • 2002
  • 6.3  (380)

Jaya is a Telugu language romantic drama film released in 2002. The movie is directed by Teja and features Nithiin, Sada and Gopichand in lead roles. The film centers around the character, Jaya, played by Sada, who has to choose between two men who love her. The story starts with Jaya, a college student, who is the daughter of a rich businessman. She is carefree, rebellious, and outspoken. Her father, played by Prakash Raj, loves her but is exasperated by her attitude. He wants her to settle down and get married, but she is not interested in any of the men who come to see her.

One day, Jaya meets Aravind, played by Nithiin, at a temple. Aravind is a middle-class man who works as a mechanic. He is kind, optimistic, and has dreams of starting his own garage. Jaya and Aravind develop a friendship and soon fall in love.

Meanwhile, Jaya's father arranges her engagement to a rich businessman's son, Veerabhadraiah, played by Gopichand. Veerabhadraiah is arrogant, materialistic, and does not care about Jaya's interests. He sees Jaya as a trophy to show off to his friends.

Jaya is torn between her love for Aravind and her duty to her family. She realizes that her father will never approve of her relationship with Aravind because he is poor. On the other hand, she cannot imagine her life with Veerabhadraiah, who is only interested in her wealth and status.

The rest of the movie follows the love triangle between Jaya, Aravind, and Veerabhadraiah. The film explores themes of social class, family values, and gender roles. Jaya has to make a difficult choice between following her heart or fulfilling her duty.

The performances by the lead actors are excellent. Nithiin portrays Aravind with charm and sincerity. Sada shines in the role of Jaya, giving a nuanced performance that captures the character's inner conflicts. Gopichand is convincing as the arrogant and selfish Veerabhadraiah.

The music by R.P. Patnaik is another highlight of the movie. The songs are melodious and memorable. The background score is also well done, adding to the emotional impact of the scenes.

The cinematography by K.S. Selvaraj is beautiful. The movie is shot in picturesque locations, capturing the charm of rural Andhra Pradesh. The colors and lighting are used effectively to convey the mood of the scenes.

In conclusion, Jaya is a well-made film that explores complex themes with sensitivity and nuance. The performances, music, and cinematography are all excellent. The movie is a must-watch for fans of Telugu cinema and anyone who appreciates a good love story.

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