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  • 2004
  • 4.7  (297)

Sri Anjaneyam is a 2004 Indian Telugu language film directed by Krishna Vamsi, starring Nithiin, Arjun Sarja, and Charmme Kaur in lead roles. The movie is a devotional fantasy drama about the eternal conflict between God and evil in the modern world. The movie begins with a powerful opening sequence where dynamic animations of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god, are shown in a mythological context. The focus then shifts to a modern-day story of a young lawyer, Anji played by Nithiin. Anji is an introverted, gentle and pious young man who is on a mission to change society for the better. He is extremely attached to his mother and his devotion to Lord Hanuman is unwavering.

In the course of his day-to-day life, Anji comes across a rich businessman Ghani (Arjun Sarja) who has his sight set on a piece of prime real estate owned by Anji's mother. Ghani tries to bribe Anji to sign the contract of sale, but Anji refuses. In order to force his mother to sell the property, Ghani uses his henchmen to harass Anji and his family. In the meantime, the story introduces the protagonist's love interest played by Charmme Kaur, who is a social activist and believes in Anji's principles.

As the trouble mounts for Anji and his family, Lord Hanuman appears in his life to provide divine intervention. The movie showcases how Lord Hanuman helps Anji deal with his problems; he rises at night to fight injustice, saves people attacked by goons, and takes the oppressed to a hospital. As Anji's devotion to Lord Hanuman grows stronger, he becomes stronger and takes on Ghani's men with ease.

The story takes an unexpected turn towards a devotional fantasy setting resembling the Mahabharata war. In a rare occurrence, Lord Hanuman comes alive in front of Anji through his vigorous meditative practices, and he is summoned to a war between the gods and the demons. The movie shifts from realism to mythology, from the contemporary world to the mythical land of gods and monsters.

As the war between the gods and the demons reaches its zenith, Lord Hanuman asks for Anji's help to turn the tide. Anji transforms into a superhuman through meditation, contributing tremendously to the war's success. The latter half of the movie is a spectacular display of CGI imagery on the battlefield, creating scenes that are at once both grand and majestic. The battle of Kurukshetra comes alive in full force, a testimony to the director's vision and creative genius.

The movie is a unique blend of contemporary and traditional themes, showcasing the different aspects of our society, its ideological evolution, and the powerful mythology of Lord Hanuman. The film is primarily a song and dance affair, with many popular numbers choreographed to appeal to audiences.

The acting is excellent, with Nithiin delivering a mature performance with utmost conviction. His portrayal of a timid, gentle, and pious youth who becomes a savior of humanity is praiseworthy. Arjun Sarja's portrayal of the greasy, corrupt businessman is flawless, and his villainous acts do justice to the role. Charmme Kaur's performance as a social activist is a breath of fresh air, and the chemistry between her and Nithiin is sparkling.

The music by Mani Sharma is impressive and elevates the movie's emotional quotient. The film's background score is another strong asset, creating the right atmosphere to keep audiences hooked. The movie's technical department is splendidly aligned, highlighting the movie's director's creative vision.

In conclusion, Sri Anjaneyam is a movie that highlights the present-day social conditions and shows how the purest and holiest beliefs of mankind will always come out victorious. The movie is an excellent tribute to Lord Hanuman, one of the most celebrated Hindu deities in mythology. The film is a satisfying watch for any moviegoer who enjoys good storytelling and brilliant visual effects.

Sri Anjaneyam
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