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  • 2008
  • 145 hr
  • 4.3  (187)

Aatadista is a 2008 Telugu romantic action film directed by A.S. Ravi Kumar Chowdary and starring Nithiin, Kajal Aggarwal, and Amit. The plot of the movie revolves around two young lovers, Nitin and Kajal. Nitin is a simple and honest guy who falls in love with Kajal, a rich and independent girl. The rest of the story follows their journey as they navigate through obstacles in their relationship.

The movie opens with Nitin, an aspiring music composer, living with his mother and sister. His father had died long ago, leaving them in a difficult financial situation. Nitin helps his mother run their small grocery store, but his true passion lies in music. He dreams of composing music for movies one day.

One day, Nitin meets Kajal, a wealthy girl who belongs to a different social class. Kajal has a strict father who is against her romantic involvement with Nitin. However, Kajal falls in love with Nitin and starts to spend time with him secretly. Meanwhile, Nitin gets his first break in the film industry as a music composer. He becomes a successful composer and earns the respect of the industry.

As the relationship between Kajal and Nitin progresses, Kajal's father becomes aware of their relationship and opposes it. He arranges Kajal's engagement with another rich guy, leaving Nitin heartbroken. However, Nitin doesn't give up on his love and fights for Kajal's hand in marriage. With determination and perseverance, Nitin finally wins Kajal's heart and they get married in the end.

Apart from the romantic storyline, the movie has a few action sequences that add to the overall entertainment factor of the film. Amit, who plays the antagonist, is shown as a powerful and ruthless businessman who has his eyes set on Kajal. He tries to harm Nitin and create obstacles in their relationship. However, Nitin stands up against Amit and protects his love, which ultimately leads to the story's climax.

The movie's cinematography is excellent, showcasing the beautiful locations of Bangalore and Hyderabad. The music composed by Devi Sri Prasad is also commendable, with songs that become popular hits, such as "Ninnu Choodani" and "Neetone Vastunna."

The performances of the actors in the movie are noteworthy. Nithiin shines as Nitin, delivering a heartwarming performance that captures the essence of a young, innocent lover. Kajal Aggarwal, in her debut film, gives a commendable performance, showing a remarkable range of emotions. Amit, the main antagonist, delivers an impactful performance that adds to the film's intensity.

Overall, Aatadista is an entertaining romantic drama that is worth watching. It successfully incorporates music, action, and romance to create a compelling storyline that keeps the audience engaged. The movie showcases the power of love and how it can overcome all obstacles, regardless of social status or financial standing.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    145 hr
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  • IMDB Rating
    4.3  (187)