Jeem Boom Bhaa

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  • 2019
  • 1 hr 56 min
  • 3.5  (75)

Jeem Boom Bhaa is a Malayalam comedy movie from 2019, directed by Rahul Ramachandran, and produced by Dr. I.M. Vijayan. The movie stars Askar Ali, Baiju, and Aparna Balamurali in the lead roles. The story of the movie revolves around three friends- Tom, Jerry, and Roy. Tom, played by Askar Ali, is a daydreaming youngster who has a crush on his neighbor's daughter, Sainu, played by Anju Kurian. Jerry, played by Baiju, is a witty and mischievous person who has a solution for every problem. Roy, played by Aneesh Gopal, is a talented musician who falls in love with a teacher, played by Aparna Balamurali.

The trio decides to start a business, and they open a photo studio in their village. But they soon realize that the photo studio business is not profitable and decide to do something else. They come up with the idea of creating a website that can predict the future. The website becomes an instant hit, and the trio becomes very popular. But soon, they face a series of unexpected events, and their life takes a different turn.

The movie is a perfect blend of humor, romance, and drama. The chemistry between the lead actors is excellent, and they have portrayed their roles convincingly. Askar Ali has done a great job in the role of Tom, and he has performed with ease. Baiju has brought life to the character of Jerry with his comic timing and wittiness. Aparna Balamurali has given an outstanding performance as a teacher who falls in love with a student.

The cinematography of the movie is top-notch, and the locations are well chosen. The music of the movie is catchy, and the songs are well composed. The background score is apt for the movie and adds to the overall effect.

The first half of the movie is light-hearted and full of comedy. The trio's witty dialogues and their friendship make for an entertaining watch. The movie takes a serious turn in the second half, and the plot becomes more intense. The unexpected turn of events keeps the audience engaged until the end.

The movie serves as a social commentary on many issues prevalent in society. It highlights the difficulty faced by students in the education system and the pressure they face from their parents to excel in academics. The movie also comments on the superstitions prevalent among people and how they can be exploited.

In conclusion, Jeem Boom Bhaa is a refreshing and entertaining movie. The movie offers a good blend of humor, romance, and drama and is a perfect watch for the family. The movie is a perfect reflection of the director's vision and the actors' talent. The message conveyed by the movie is relevant and thought-provoking. The movie is a must-watch for all those who enjoy a good comedy with a message.

Jeem Boom Bhaa
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 56 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    3.5  (75)