Kate's Addiction

"Some hungers can't be satisfied."
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The movie Kate’s Addiction follows a woman with a mental health condition on the verge of losing touch with her sanity. Kate is psychotic but has been able to control herself. This is about to change. She find someone that she can look up to and helps her function in the world. This woman and Kate become good friends. Kate is almost addicted to their friendship.

Her best friend starts dating a handsome and well to do man. Kate becomes jealous of their relationship. She is jealous that her friend giving her attention to someone else. She is now determined to break the pair up. Kate will not stop until she breaks the pair up even if things do get dangerous. Kate sets into motion a plan to make sure the couple does not end up together and Kate gets to keep her friend all to herself. The movie stars Kari Wuhrer and Farrah Forke.

| 1999 | 1 hr 30 min | 4.4/10
Kari Wuhrer, Farrah Forke, Matthew Porretta, Matt Borlenghi
Eric DelaBarre
Kate's Addiction
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Also directed by Eric DelaBarre

Also starring Farrah Forke