Kings and Queen

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This picture follows the story of a man and woman who used to know each other quite extensively in the past, but due to various reasons they were forced to go in separate directions. The premise of the picture revolves around two ex-lovers, Nora and Ismael. Nora and Ismael had shared a deep and passionate relationship in the past, and each harbored deep and dark secrets from one another. In present day Nora has given herself the responsibility of taking care of her terminally ill mother. Ismael on the other hand sits inside a mental institution waiting to be released, while also planning an escape.

| 2004 | 2 hr 30 min | 7.1/10 | 84/100
Emmanuelle Devos, Geoffrey Carey, Thierry Bosc, Olivier Rabourdin
Arnaud Desplechin
Produced By
Pascal Caucheteux
Kings and Queen
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