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  • NR
  • 1988
  • 2 hr 23 min
  • 6.2  (127)

Kodi Parakkuthu is a 1988 Indian Tamil-language film directed by Bharathiraja. The film stars Amala Akkineni, Sujatha, and A.R.S. in leading roles. It deals with the themes of love, betrayal, and revenge. The story takes place in a small village in Tamil Nadu. The village is ruled by a powerful landlord named Marudhu (A.R.S.). Marudhu is feared and respected by the villagers, and his word is law. The story begins with the arrival of a young woman named Poongavanam (Amala Akkineni) in the village. She is a trained dancer and has come to perform at a local festival. Marudhu is immediately smitten by her beauty and invites her to stay in his mansion.

Soon, Poongavanam falls in love with Marudhu's nephew Murugan (played by Arjun Sarja), a soldier who has come to the village on leave. Murugan is initially hesitant to reciprocate her feelings, but eventually, he too falls in love with Poongavanam. However, their happiness is short-lived when Marudhu learns of their affair.

Marudhu is enraged by their love and orders Murugan to leave the village. He also warns Poongavanam to stay away from his nephew. Poongavanam, unable to bear the thought of being separated from Murugan, decides to leave the village with him. However, Marudhu's henchmen catch up with the couple and kill Murugan in front of Poongavanam.

Poongavanam is devastated by Murugan's death and vows to avenge his murder. She teams up with a group of rebels who are fighting against Marudhu's tyranny. Together, they plan to stage a revolt against Marudhu and overthrow him.

The rest of the film revolves around Poongavanam's mission to bring justice to Murugan's death. She is determined to take on Marudhu and his army, and with the help of her comrades, she engages in intense battle sequences. The film culminates in a gripping climax where Poongavanam faces off against Marudhu in a final showdown.

Kodi Parakkuthu is known for its powerful performances and poignant storytelling. Amala Akkineni delivers a compelling performance as the brave and determined Poongavanam. Her chemistry with Arjun Sarja is also noteworthy, and their love story adds depth to the film's themes. Sujatha also delivers a superb performance as a rebel leader who joins forces with Poongavanam.

The film's soundtrack, composed by Ilaiyaraaja, is another highlight of Kodi Parakkuthu. The songs are soulful and emotional and add depth to the film's themes of love and revenge.

Overall, Kodi Parakkuthu is a must-watch film for fans of Tamil cinema. It is a powerful and engaging film that explores the complexities of human emotions and the consequences of our actions. It is a fitting tribute to Bharathiraja's filmmaking genius and continues to be a classic in Tamil cinema.

Kodi Parakkuthu
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    2 hr 23 min
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (127)