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  • 1960
  • 6.8  (186)

Kohinoor is a 1960 Indian Hindi-language film that combines elements of adventure, romance, and comedy into an entertaining cinematic experience. Directed by S.U. Sunny, it boasts of a stellar cast with the ever-charming Dilip Kumar and the enchanting Meena Kumari in the lead roles, supported by a proficient ensemble including Leela Chitnis, Nazir Hussain and Kumkum. The plot is set in a historical backdrop, narrating a tale of love, intrigue, and valor during a time when kingdoms vied for power and dominion.

The movie unfolds in the kingdom of Malwa, where a young prince named Raja Vikram Singh, portrayed by the legendary Dilip Kumar, is heir to the throne. He is not just a royal by birth but also exudes a fair-minded, valiant, and compassionate disposition towards his subjects. Amidst the routine of royal responsibilities, he exhibits an unprecedented aptitude for swordsmanship and a penchant for the arts, especially music, which enables him to lead a balanced life full of adventures and close counter with his adversaries.

Meena Kumari plays the role of Rajkumari Chandramukhi, a princess of a neighboring kingdom and the love interest of Raja Vikram Singh. Her portrayal is marked by elegance and a nuanced performance that captures the resplendent charm of her character. Her royal demeanor is paired with a strong will and intelligence, making her an equal match for Raja Vikram Singh.

The story takes a sharp turn when Raja Vikram Singh's father, the ailing king is faced with the machinations of his ambitious and devious younger brother, who is played by Jeevan. This cunning uncle is set on usurping the throne for himself using any means necessary, which includes treachery and conspiracy within the confinements of the royal palace.

As the intrigue within the kingdom deepens, Raja Vikram Singh and Rajkumari Chandramukhi find themselves caught in a web of political maneuvering. Their love must stand the test of time and treachery, as they strive to protect the kingdom and secure their future together. Their journey is assisted by the presence of a loyal confidante, portrayed by Azim, who provides a pivotal balance of wisdom and support to Raja Vikram Singh.

The film is not all serious and somber; it is elegantly interlaced with moments of levity, largely brought about by the interactions between the leading characters. This light-heartedness is also evident in the musical scoring of the movie. Famed music director Naushad composed the film's soundtrack, which features a set of melodious tunes that went on to become classics in the realm of Indian cinema. Mohammed Rafi’s vocals for Dilip Kumar, along with Lata Mangeshkar’s enchanting voice for Meena Kumari, add to the richness of the narrative, providing the right emotional undertones where needed.

The songs themselves play a vital narrative role, serving not only as a vehicle for expressing emotions but also as a means to advance the plot. Lyrics penned down by Shakeel Badayuni are poetic and seamlessly blend with the scenario at hand, mesmerizing the audience and providing deeper insights into the characters' internal struggles.

One of the highlights of Kohinoor is the sword-fighting sequences which showcase Dilip Kumar's character's finesse in martial combat. The choreography of the sword fights is a delight to watch as it effectively demonstrates the artistic side of combat, a feature not often explored in the films of that era.

Throughout its running time, Kohinoor takes the audience through the lush landscapes and grand palaces representative of an India that was once governed by monarchs and princely states. The cinematography of Kohinoor is noteworthy for capturing the grandeur of the royal settings and the detailed costumes, which are a visual treat, reflecting the craftsmen's meticulous attention to the era's sartorial choices.

In terms of reception, Kohinoor was well-received by audiences and critics alike, with particular praise for its blend of entertainment and storytelling. It stands as a testament to the romance and charm of an imagined historical period, where valor and wit could win kingdoms, and love blossomed under the most trying circumstances.

The movie Kohinoor remains a cherished gem in the Indian film industry’s crown, as it combines the charisma of its cast with the beauty of storytelling, engaging music, and the allure of historical romance. It provides a delightful experience for viewers seeking both escapism and the grandeur of old-world cinemas.

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