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  • 1960
  • 6.8  (180)

Kohinoor is a Hindi film that presents a story based on the longtime tradition of arranged marriages. The last king of Kailash Nagar has just passed away and Dhivendra is crowned as the next king. His crowner, Veer’s wife, wants Dhivendra to marry Rajkumari of Rajarah. When the latter’s father hears of it, he sends Rajkumari to Kailash Nagar. However, she is captured by Senapati on the way there and held captive until forcefully giving her consent to marry Senapati. Dhivendra rescues her but both are captured by Senapati in the process. It is then that Rajkumari is given a choice of marrying Senapati or witnessing Dhivendra’s execution.

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    6.8  (180)