La Chica del lunes

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La Chica del Lunes also known as "Monday's Child" is an English-spoken Argentinean drama submitted to the Cannes Film Festival about an American middle class family that moves to Puerto Rico looking for better financial opportunities and in doing so, they have to face other people's extreme poverty straight in the eyes. The mother of the family became an alcoholic after she lost her son many years ago. While taking a routine trip to town, she ends up giving her spoiled daughter's favorite doll to a poor kid. This situation makes the family take a trip to the suburbs trying to recover the doll.

1967 | 1 hr 18 min | 6.5/10
Arthur Kennedy, Geraldine Page, Deborah Reed, Graciela Borges
Leopoldo Torre Nilsson
Produced By
Andr Du Rona, Leopoldo Torre Nilsson
La Chica del lunes
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