Lawless Heart

"Is the life you have the life you want?"
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Stuart dies and his lover Nick, brother-in-law Dan, and best friend Tim deal with his absence in different ways. For each of them, life takes an unexpected turn. After Stuart passes away, Nick begins an innocent relationship with a new female friend. His feelings for his new upbeat companion confuse him, which brings up new challenges he has yet never faced. Does this mean his relationship preferences have changed? People around him even talk about how unusual it is that he is with a "girl."

Dan experiences difficulties in a different way than Nick. This man who has at least up until Stuart's death never been the type to have an affair feels as if he has missed out on his life when he meets Corinne. For the first time ever, the solidity of his marriage is challenged as he becomes enticed by this brand new woman. He is not only drawn to her by her beauty but also by her bluntness and dedication to living for pleasure. She even offers her consolation, suggesting he may be depressed.

Tim, Stuart's best friend who has been away for year returns from abroad after eight years. One reason he returns is because of Stuart's death, but is criticized for perhaps returning only because he "finally ran out of money. Tim has always been the easygoing and charismatic type. He even allegedly throws a party just to impress a woman he just met. However, for a long time always felt as if something was missing. He seems to find it in this new woman in his life, yet her unknown past could become an obstacle.

Lust, envy, jealousy, deception, all surface amongst people who ordinarily thought of themselves or each other as "good people." So much drama and chaos takes place that it seems as if no happy ending will result. People who thought they had life figured out suddenly realize how lost they really were. New truths also surface as each person chooses either fight or flight.

In the process, each person affected by Stuart's death finally reaches certain conclusions after a long road of struggles. The path to total recovery in each person may not yet be finished, but at least some inner conflicts causing relationship breaches are resolved.

Destiny continues to unfold as all three of these men cross paths with each other and new people. Each person affected by all their choices also come to their own life and relationship conclusions. Life is never again the same for anyone as death becomes more of a reality for them all.

| 2001 | 1 hr 39 min | 6.6/10 | 75/100
Bill Nighy, Tom Hollander, Douglas Henshall, Clémentine Célarié
Tom Hunsinger, Neil Hunter
Lawless Heart
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