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  • TV-MA
  • 2020
  • 1 hr 19 min
  • 6.0  (424)

Lina From Lima is a 2019 musical drama film directed by María Paz González. The story follows Lina, a Peruvian immigrant who works as a nanny in Chile. She dreams of making it as a musician and returns to Peru to participate in a competition that offers a cash prize and a chance to record a song. Lina has been sending money back to her family in Peru, and she hopes that winning the competition will allow them to start a better life.

The film opens with Lina (Magaly Solier) at a party in Chile, where she sings and plays the guitar. Her voice is captivating, and the other guests compliment her on her skills. However, a man at the party tells her that she should stick to her day job as a nanny and stop dreaming of becoming a musician. This comment shakes Lina's confidence, but she remains determined to pursue her dream.

Lina's relationship with the children she cares for, Coco and Vicente, is heartwarming. She genuinely cares for them and they adore her. However, Lina is often homesick and misses her family in Peru. When she hears about the music competition, she decides to enter, and the film follows her journey.

Lina travels to Peru by bus and meets other contestants on the way. She makes friends with some of them, including a musician from Bolivia named Marcela (Emilia Ossandon). When they arrive in Peru, they stay in a hostel and begin rehearsing for the competition. The film integrates music and dance performances seamlessly into the narrative, and the songs reflect the characters' emotions and struggles.

Lina faces various obstacles in the competition, including some contestants who don't take her seriously because she's a nanny. She also confronts her own fears and insecurities, but her determination and resilience help her push through. Along the way, she gains unexpected support from a fellow immigrant from Africa named Fifi (Herode Joseph).

The film explores themes of immigration, identity, and the power of music to connect people across cultures. Lina's experiences as an immigrant in Chile are portrayed realistically, and the film sheds light on the challenges faced by many immigrants. Lina's music reflects her identity as a Peruvian woman, and her journey to Peru is a way to reconnect with her roots.

Magaly Solier gives a captivating performance as Lina. She conveys Lina's journey with subtlety and grace, and her singing is exceptional. The rest of the cast is strong as well, and the music adds another layer to the film. The cinematography captures the beauty of both Chile and Peru, and the use of color and lighting is effective.

Overall, Lina From Lima is a heartfelt and inspiring film that celebrates music, identity, and the power of resilience. The characters are relatable, and the message is universal. The film has received critical acclaim and was selected as the Peruvian entry for Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards.

Lina From Lima
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