Llanto por un bandido

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When a soldier of the Napoleonic Wars returns home to his native Spain, he notices that the country is completely disheveled and that the poverty that exists there is worse than any where else he has ever seen. He makes the decision to live as a bandit rather than to ever try earning a decent wage in such a faltering economy. Against his wife's wishes, the man sets out on a journey to make money the easy way. However, after his wife is viciously killed by a group of unknown men, the bandit decides he will track down these criminals no matter the cost.

1964 | 1 hr 40 min
Francisco Rabal, Lea Massari, Lino Ventura, Luis Buuel
Carlos Saura
Produced By
Jos Luis Dibildos
Llanto por un bandido
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Also starring Francisco Rabal

Also starring Lea Massari