Los Reyes Magos

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Los Reyes Magos tells the tale of a street-wise boy, disenchanted with Christmas, who gets a wake-up call in the form of a story about the true meaning of the plastic star he's stolen from atop a Christmas tree. History and wonder interweave in a tale that includes, Romans, magicians, shape-shifting wolves, desert bandits, an intrepid girl, a friendly mouse, villagers, bad guys, a monster, and so much more, besides, and most specifically, three very different magicians and star-readers, who embark on a long journey, collecting very special gifts and discovering some special world-changing abilities along the way.

2003 | | 5.3/10
Jose Coronado, Juan Echanove, Imanol Arias, Javier Gurruchaga
Los Reyes Magos (The 3 Wise Men in US) is a 2003 spanish animated film. Film directed by Antonio Navarro which nominated for Goya award for this film. Film conatains voice talents of Jos Coronado, Juan Echanove, Imanol Arias and Imanol Arias in original
Los Reyes Magos
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