Love and Mary

"Love never tasted so sweet"

Love and Mary is about the story of a woman named Mary, who opened up a bakery, but unfortunately, her shop hadn't been well-received and her business was in the middle of a rent increase for her building. She became desperate to keep her business afloat so she decided to go back to Texas with her fiance, Brent, just to visit and introduce him to her family.

Unfortunately, her fiance isn't able to make it due to suffering from a mysterious allergy attack, so she decides to take Brent's twin brother, Jake with her.

Jake is an ex-convict and irresponsible. He goes along with her plan and impersonates his brother so she can get money from her family to help save her business.

| 2006 | 1 hr 44 min | 5.8/10
Gabriel Mann, Lauren German, Whitney Able, Benjamin Gourley
Industrial Pictures, Ranch House Productions
Elizabeth Harrison
Produced By
Peter James Cooper, Jonathan Downs
Love and Mary
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