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"It was love at first FIGHT!... So they married in HATE and lived SCRAPPILY ever after!"
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  • 1936
  • 1 hr 9 min
  • 6.2  (886)

Love Before Breakfast is a romantic comedy from 1936 starring Carole Lombard, Preston Foster, and Cesar Romero. The film follows the story of Kay Colby (Lombard), a wealthy socialite who falls in love with a man named Bill Wadsworth (Foster) after a series of comical misunderstandings. The movie begins with Kay returning home from a night out with her friends when she accidentally dents the car of a man named 'Van' (Romero). Furious, Van gives Kay a piece of his mind, and she storms off in a huff. Meanwhile, Bill Wadsworth, a lower-class businessman, is struggling to win over his boss's confidence while navigating his attraction to his beautiful secretary. He accidentally bumps into Kay, knocking her down, and they have a brief but memorable encounter.

When Kay runs into Van again, she discovers that he is close friends with Bill, and the two men start competing for her affections. While Kay is initially drawn to Van's wealth and status, she finds herself falling for Bill's sincerity and charm. As the two men continue to fight for her attention, Kay becomes increasingly torn between them and must decide what she really wants.

The film is filled with hilarious moments, particularly when Kay tries to impress Bill by pretending to be down-to-earth and frugal. However, she keeps slipping up and revealing her wealthy background, leading to some embarrassing situations. The banter between the characters is witty and entertaining, and the chemistry between Lombard and Foster is palpable.

One of the strengths of the movie is how it portrays Kay's character. While she is initially presented as a shallow socialite who is only interested in wealth and status, the audience soon learns that she is much more complex than that. She is intelligent, self-aware, and capable of making her own decisions, even if they go against society's expectations. Lombard's performance is excellent, and she brings depth and nuance to Kay's character.

The supporting cast is also noteworthy. Romero is charming as Van, and his rivalry with Bill is both humorous and engaging. Alice Brady is delightful as Kay's mother, who acts as a foil to her daughter's antics. And Janice Rule, in her film debut, is charming as Bill's secretary.

The movie's production values are impressive, particularly the costumes and set design. The film is set in New York City, and the city's streets and buildings are depicted with great attention to detail. The movie's score, composed by Franz Waxman, is also excellent, and adds to the film's romantic tone.

Overall, Love Before Breakfast is a charming romantic comedy that showcases the talents of its cast and crew. Lombard's performance is particularly noteworthy, and the movie is a great example of the romantic comedies that were popular during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Love Before Breakfast
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