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"The Preacher asked "WILL YOU TAKE THIS MAN?" She Answered "I WILL-AND HOW!""
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  • 1934
  • 1 hr 20 min
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The Gay Bride is a romantic comedy film released in 1934, directed by Jack Conway and starring Carole Lombard, Chester Morris, and Zasu Pitts. The movie follows the story of Mary (Lombard), a con artist who poses as the daughter of a wealthy munitions manufacturer in order to land a wealthy husband. She teams up with a professional scam artist named Steve (Morris), but their plans are complicated when Mary falls for her mark, Jimmy (Nat Pendleton), a well-meaning but financially naive man.

The film begins with Mary and Steve working together to swindle a wealthy businessman out of his money. But when Steve tells Mary that she needs to marry a millionaire in order to secure a better future, Mary sets her sights on Jimmy. She poses as the heiress of a wealthy munitions manufacturer and manages to convince Jimmy that she's the perfect woman for him. However, their scheme is complicated by the presence of Jimmy's best friend, Bill (Leo Carrillo), who is suspicious of Mary from the start.

As Mary and Jimmy's relationship deepens, she begins to feel guilty about her deception. She confides in Steve, who urges her to go through with the wedding and then tell Jimmy the truth. But when Jimmy reveals a surprise of his own, Mary's plans are thrown into disarray.

The Gay Bride is a charming film that showcases the talents of its lead actors. Lombard delivers a standout performance as Mary, balancing her character's deviousness with genuine emotion and vulnerability. Morris is equally impressive as Steve, bringing a sense of world-weariness to his character's cynical outlook on life. Meanwhile, Pitts adds comic relief as Florrie, Mary's bumbling accomplice.

One of the film's strengths is its witty script, which is full of clever one-liners and snappy comebacks. The dialogue crackles with energy, and the film's pacing keeps the story moving along at a brisk clip.

The film's production design is also noteworthy, with sets and costumes that capture the glamour and opulence of the 1930s. The film's opening scenes, set in a lavish nightclub, are particularly striking, with elaborate costumes and sets that create a sense of cinematic spectacle.

Overall, The Gay Bride is an entertaining and engaging film that holds up well over 80 years after its original release. Its talented cast, smart script, and stylish production design all contribute to its enduring appeal. Fans of classic Hollywood cinema will no doubt find much to admire in this charming romantic comedy.

The Gay Bride
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