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  • TV-14
  • 2022
  • 1 hr 54 min
  • 5.4  (12,977)
  • 50

Love in the Villa is a delightful romantic comedy that dives into the escapades of love, serendipity, and the enchanting backdrop of Verona, Italy. Directed by Mark Steven Johnson, the film stars Kat Graham as Julie Hutton, a romantic schoolteacher with a long-standing obsession with William Shakespeare, particularly the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Tom Hopper plays Charlie Fletcher, a dashing and somewhat rigid British executive. Their paths cross under unconventional and comedic circumstances, intertwined with a series of misunderstandings and romantic tension.

Julie's story begins with her planning a trip to Verona, a dream she has cherished since her school days. Deeply invested in the concept of true love and perpetually inspired by the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, she aims to soak in every aspect of the city's romantic history. The trip also holds personal significance for Julie, as she intends to heal her heart from a recent romantic disappointment and find solace in the city that epitomizes love.

Upon arrival, Julie anticipates a tranquil and solitary vacation, where she can immerse herself in the delightful Italian culture, savor exquisite cuisines and wines, and visit the famous sights, including Juliet's balcony, a place of pilgrimage for romantics. However, her plans take an unforeseen turn when she discovers the villa she booked months in advance has been double-booked.

Enter Charlie, the aforementioned British executive with a pragmatic outlook on life and little time for distractions caused by matters of the heart. He is Julie's polar opposite; a man whose reliance on order and professional commitments leaves little room for romantic indulgences or the chaos of unplanned events. Yet here he is, arriving at the same villa Julie believes to be her sanctuary for soul-searching and self-discovery.

The ensuing predicament forces them into a reluctant cohabitation, igniting a spark-filled battle of wills. As Julie and Charlie navigate their unexpected living situation, the villa becomes a battleground of contrasting personalities. Julie's whimsical and free-spirited nature clashes with Charlie's methodical and structured demeanor, setting the stage for comedic moments and light-hearted banter. It’s the classic setup for an odd-couple dynamic, spiced up with the unwillingness of either party to relinquish their claim to the villa.

To complicate matters further, the city of Verona does what it does best: it pulls them into the magic of its romantic allure. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, historic architecture, and the passionate Italian way of life, Julie and Charlie's animosity begins to take a backseat to a blossoming connection they both struggle to admit. As they explore the city together, partaking in local traditions and occasionally crossing paths with a quirky cast of supporting characters, including Raymond Ablack's role as a helpful and often comical local, their initial misconceptions about each other start to dissolve.

However, true to the genre's form, the path to love is not a straightforward one. Julie and Charlie encounter numerous comedic mishaps and misunderstandings that test their burgeoning feelings. They must grapple with their past relationships, personal insecurities, and the sheer impossibility of a holiday romance turning into anything more substantial.

The movie is adept at juxtaposing the idea of predestined love — as romanticized in Shakespeare's tales — against the backdrop of real-world romantic complexities. Modern-day relationships, with their imperfections and need for communication and compromise, are at the heart of this romantic journey. "Love in the Villa" thrives on the notion that love can be as chaotic and unpredictable as life itself, and that true connection often lies just beyond the brink of sheer annoyance.

Production-wise, Love in the Villa leverages its picturesque setting to the fullest. The historic streets of Verona, the rolling hills of the surrounding countryside, and the intimate Italian eateries serve as not just a setting, but almost a character in their own right, influencing the protagonists' emotions and decisions. Alongside the vibrant locale, an upbeat and emotive soundtrack complements the scenery and narrative, resonating with the highs and lows of Julie and Charlie's relationship dance.

In conclusion, Love in the Villa offers a feel-good viewing experience, showcasing the transcendent power of love against odds and evoking the timeless allure of romantic comedies. It invites the audience to laugh, perhaps cry a little, and to dream of their own romantic escapade under the Italian sun. With charming performances by Graham and Hopper, and the captivating streets of Verona as their stage, the film reminds us that sometimes, the best love stories start with the most unexpected plot twists.

Love in the Villa is a 2022 romance movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 54 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.4 and a MetaScore of 50.

Love in the Villa
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