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"Land down under."
  • 2008
  • 1 hr 58 min
  • 5.6  (53)

Love Me Again is a 2008 romantic drama film directed by Rory B. Quintos and starring Piolo Pascual, Angel Locsin, and Ricky Davao. The film follows the story of a man named Noel (Pascual), who abandons his wife and child in the Philippines to pursue a new life in the United States. There, he meets a girl named Macy (Locsin), who helps him find work and eventually becomes his lover. However, Noel's guilt for leaving his family behind haunts him and he is forced to confront his past when he returns to the Philippines.

The film begins with Noel and his wife, Carmen (played by actress Sandy Andolong), celebrating their wedding anniversary. However, their celebration is cut short when Noel receives a job offer in the United States. Despite Carmen's wishes for him to stay, Noel decides to leave his family behind and pursue a new life abroad. As he settles into his new life in the US, he meets Macy, a fellow Filipino who helps him find work and adjust to his new environment. The two eventually fall in love and begin a relationship.

Despite finding a new sense of happiness with Macy, Noel's guilt for leaving his family behind continues to haunt him. He decides to return to the Philippines and reconnect with Carmen and their son. Upon his return, he discovers that Carmen has moved on and is in a relationship with another man. Meanwhile, Macy struggles to let go of her feelings for Noel and watches as he tries to rekindle his relationship with his wife.

The film explores themes of love, forgiveness, and the consequences of our actions. It highlights the challenges that come with leaving one's family behind to pursue new opportunities and the guilt and regret that can come with that decision. It also highlights the importance of forgiveness and letting go of the past in order to move forward.

Love Me Again features strong performances from its lead actors, including Piolo Pascual, who delivers a nuanced portrayal of a man struggling with his past mistakes. Angel Locsin also shines in her role as Macy, bringing a sense of vulnerability and longing to the character. The film benefits from its beautiful cinematography and powerful soundtrack, which help to enhance the emotional depth of the story.

Overall, Love Me Again is a heartwarming and poignant film that explores the complexities of love and forgiveness. It offers a relatable and emotional storyline that is sure to resonate with audiences.

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    1 hr 58 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    5.6  (53)