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  • NR
  • 1960
  • 1 hr 39 min
  • 6.9  (14)

Lullaby is a heart-wrenching drama film released in 1960, directed by Daniel Mann and starring Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Ruth White, and Tom Carlin. Set in a small suburban town, this emotionally charged movie explores the complexities and struggles faced by its characters in the face of tragic circumstances. The story revolves around Henry and Deirdre Mortimer, played by Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson, respectively, a married couple who are grieving the loss of their young son, Jimmy, in a tragic accident. The Mortimers are devastated, and their grief casts a heavy shadow over their lives as they try to come to terms with the unimaginable loss.

As the couple attempts to cope with the overwhelming pain, their relationship is strained, and they find solace in different ways. Henry, a successful businessman, throws himself into work, immersing himself in his career in order to distract himself from the pain. Anne, a loving wife and mother, attempts to find comfort in their remaining child, seven-year-old Mark, portrayed by Tom Carlin, but struggles to connect with him, burdened by her unresolved grief.

One day, Deirdre receives an unexpected visit from her estranged sister Judy, portrayed by Ruth White. Judy, an eccentric and free-spirited woman, understands Deirdre's grief more than anyone else, having lost her own child years ago. Judy becomes a source of comfort and support for Deirdre, encouraging her to confront her emotions and begin the healing process. As the sisters reconnect and reminisce about their past, Deirdre starts to gain a renewed sense of hope for her future.

Mark, on the other hand, finds solace in his own way, seeking comfort and companionship from an elderly neighbor, Mr. Fuller, portrayed by the talented character actor Frank Overton. Mr. Fuller, a kind and gentle man, becomes a surrogate grandfather figure for Mark, offering him a safe space to share his feelings and providing guidance in dealing with the loss. Through their friendship, Mark learns to navigate his own grief and begins to understand the importance of cherishing the memories of his lost brother.

Despite the support from Judy and Mr. Fuller, the Mortimers face numerous obstacles on their journey towards healing. The couple must confront their individual guilt and find a way to rebuild their fractured relationship. The strain on their marriage becomes increasingly apparent, and they must decide if their love is strong enough to overcome the immense pain they share.

Lullaby is a poignant and thought-provoking film that explores the profound impact of loss on individuals and relationships. It delves deep into the complexities of grief and the different ways people cope with tragedy. The exceptional performances by Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Ruth White, and Tom Carlin bring a raw authenticity to the characters, capturing the depths of their pain and the resilience of the human spirit.

Daniel Mann's direction perfectly captures the emotional essence of the story, emphasizing the quiet moments of reflection and the intense emotional exchanges. The film's hauntingly beautiful score by renowned composer Elmer Bernstein further adds to the emotional depth of the narrative, enhancing the melancholic atmosphere that permeates the movie.

Overall, Lullaby is a powerful and moving drama that explores the universal themes of loss, grief, and healing. It offers a sensitive portrayal of the complexities of human emotions and the transformative power of compassion, love, and understanding. This film is a timeless exploration of the human condition that resonates with audiences, reminding us of the strength and resilience we possess in the face of unimaginable tragedy.

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    6.9  (14)