Sam's Son

"At 17, you think you can conquer the world. At 18, you know you can. His wildest dream is about to come true."
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Sam's Sons tells the coming of age tale about a boy who is absolutely heartbroken because of the ridicule he has been suffering for years due to a feature of his which is quite noticeable, his larger than average ears. For years, the boy had to face constant shame and embarrassment from his surrounding community due to something that he had no control of. Deciding to once and for all end the torture, Sam decides to grow his hair long enough to cover his ears, and in doing so he discovers that he develops an incredible athletic talent as a result of the change.

| 1984 | | 6.3/10
Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Timothy Patrick Murphy, Hallie Todd
Sam's Son is a 1984 coming of age film written and directed by Michael Landon. The film is loosely based on Landon's early life. The film stars Timothy Patrick Murphy, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Hallie Todd, and James Karen who's previousl
Sam's Son
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Also starring Anne Jackson