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"Companion. Protector. Killer."
  • R
  • 1993
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 5.2  (4,782)

Man's Best Friend is a 1993 horror movie directed by John Lafia, starring Ally Sheedy, Lance Henriksen, Robert Costanzo, and a genetically engineered, super-intelligent dog named Max. The film follows the story of a journalist named Lori (Ally Sheedy) who adopts Max for a documentary on animal intelligence. At first, Max seems like the perfect pet, but things quickly take a sinister turn when Lori discovers he has been genetically engineered for military purposes.

The movie begins with a scene at a laboratory where a scientist is injecting serum into a newborn puppy that is part of an experiment to create the perfect canine killing machine. The serum dramatically increases the puppy's intelligence, strength, and aggression, turning it into a savage beast. The scientist responsible for the experiment, Dr. Jarret (Lance Henriksen), believes he has created the ultimate weapon and decides to keep the puppy, now named Max, as his own personal pet.

Fast forward a few years, and Lori, a journalist looking for a good story, decides to do a documentary on animal intelligence. She visits Dr. Jarret's laboratory and meets Max, who immediately takes a liking to her. The scientist allows Lori to take Max home for a while, and she quickly bonds with the dog. However, as the days go by, it becomes apparent that there is something strange about Max. He displays an unnerving intelligence that goes far beyond what a typical dog should possess. He can turn on faucets, operate light switches, and even use a computer.

As Lori delves deeper into Max's past, she discovers the shocking truth about his origins. He was created to be a weapon, and his DNA was spliced with that of various dangerous animals to give him enhanced physical abilities. Lori also discovers that Max's previous owners, a group of burglars, had accidentally released him while breaking into Dr. Jarret's laboratory. Max had then gone on a rampage, killing anyone who crossed his path.

Things go from bad to worse when Max's aggressive tendencies start to show. He brutally attacks anyone who threatens Lori, and it becomes clear that he is out of control. Lori tries to return Max to Dr. Jarret, but the scientist refuses to take him back. Lori's boyfriend, played by Robert Costanzo, decides to take matters into his own hands and attempts to capture Max. This leads to a terrifying showdown between the genetically engineered dog and the human characters.

Man's Best Friend is a classic horror movie that will appeal to fans of films like The Terminator and Jurassic Park. The movie is notable for its use of a real dog, rather than relying on animatronics or special effects. Max is a genuinely frightening character, and the film does an excellent job of building suspense around his actions. The performances from the human actors are also strong, particularly Ally Sheedy, who brings a sense of vulnerability and compassion to her role.

Overall, Man's Best Friend is a thrilling horror film that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. It features a compelling story, strong performances, and terrifying action scenes. While it may not be for everyone, it is a must-see for fans of the genre, particularly those who enjoy movies about genetically engineered animals gone wrong.

Man's Best Friend is a 1993 horror movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 26 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.2.

Man's Best Friend
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    5.2  (4,782)