The Beast of Bray Road

The Beast of Bray Road is a film that is based on the actual stories about werewolf sightings in Walworth County, Wisconsin. When a local sheriff is asked to investigate a series of unusually horrific deaths in the area, he is forced to believe that he killings are the work of a large predator in the area that shares the DNA of wolf and human. The legend of the beast of bray road began in 1936 when a woman claimed to see a wolf like creature walk across the road on its hind legs. It has since inspired many books and films on the events, feeding the ever popular tales of werewolves. The existence of such creatures has never been proven, but tales of werewolves go way back to ancient times.

| 2005 | 1 hr 25 min | 3.7/10
Leigh Slawner, Leigh Scott
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The Beast of Bray Road