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"John Cassavetes, who gave you 'husbands', 'faces', 'shadows', now adds to his list of intriguing characters..."
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  • 1971
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Minnie and Moskowitz is a 1971 romantic comedy-drama from acclaimed director John Cassavetes. The movie stars Gena Rowlands as Minnie, a thirty-something museum curator, and Seymour Cassel as Moskowitz, a disheveled and eccentric parking lot attendant. Val Avery also appears in the film as Morgan Morgan, Minnie's former lover. The movie is a classic example of Cassavetes' unique approach to filmmaking, which prioritized realistic dialogue and character development over traditional plot structure. The story follows Minnie as she navigates her way through a series of failed relationships and ultimately finds unexpected love with Moskowitz.

The film opens with Minnie in the midst of a breakup with her latest boyfriend, Steve. She is disillusioned with the predictable and unfulfilling nature of her relationships and begins to question whether there is anyone out there for her at all.

Meanwhile, Moskowitz is introduced as a quirky and eccentric character who works as a parking lot attendant in Los Angeles. He is initially depicted as a loner, but it becomes clear that he is searching for a deeper connection in life.

Minnie and Moskowitz cross paths at a dinner party thrown by a mutual friend, where they initially clash due to their vastly different personalities. Moskowitz's erratic behavior and unconventional approach to life initially repel Minnie, but he also intrigues her with his unique outlook on the world.

As the movie progresses, we see Minnie and Moskowitz's relationship develop slowly but surely. They go on a series of unconventional dates, including visits to an all-night diner and a graveyard, and gradually begin to see past each other's quirks and connect on a deeper level.

Cassel's performance as Moskowitz is particularly memorable, as he imbues the character with a sense of childlike wonder and vulnerability. Rowlands also shines as Minnie, deftly capturing the character's frustration and confusion about her own life.

Throughout the movie, Cassavetes employs a series of long, unbroken takes that place the viewer firmly in the moment with the characters. The result is a film that feels raw and authentic, showcasing the director's keen ability to capture the subtleties of human interaction.

As the film comes to a close, Minnie and Moskowitz's relationship is put to the test when Morgan Morgan, Minnie's former lover, re-enters the picture. The ensuing drama is both touching and heartbreaking, showcasing the complex and messy nature of love.

Overall, Minnie and Moskowitz is a timeless classic that has endured as a testament to Cassavetes' visionary style of filmmaking. With its nuanced performances, clever script, and understated direction, the movie is a must-see for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of love and relationships.

Minnie and Moskowitz
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