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"It's the cheer leader of the year!"
  • 1949
  • 1 hr 21 min
  • 6.2  (450)

Mother Is a Freshman is a delightful 1949 comedy film directed by Lloyd Bacon and starring Loretta Young, Van Johnson, and Rudy Vallee. The movie tells the story of Abigail Fortitude Abbott, a recently widowed mother of two who decides to enroll in college to fulfill a promise she made to her late husband. Abby, played by Loretta Young, is a middle-aged widow and loving mother who is determined to keep a promise she made to her late husband to get an education. At the college, Abby's daughter Susan, played by Betty Lynn, is a freshman along with Abby. They start off poorly at college but eventually gain the respect of the students with their hard work and dedication.

Abby faces many challenges as a freshman, including adapting to college life, attending classes, and having her youthful exuberance clash with the more mature attitudes of her fellow students. She finds herself the subject of ridicule and scorn from her peers, as they feel she is too old to be attending college. However, Abby remains determined to get an education and vows to make the most of her college experience.

In the midst of her struggles, Abby meets Richard Gillingham, played by Van Johnson, a handsome and ambitious journalism professor. Initially, Abby is unimpressed by Richard, but as time passes, the two begin to develop a close relationship. They grow to enjoy each other's company and become increasingly attracted to one another.

Meanwhile, Abby's son Jerry, played by Richard Lyon, is also struggling to find his place in the college community. When Jerry falls in love with Richard's daughter Connie, played by Diane DeLaire, he faces another challenge as he tries to navigate the complexities of their relationship.

As Abby becomes more involved in campus life, she becomes the target of the scheming and manipulative Professor Hugo Pine, played by Rudy Vallee. Pine is a rival of Richard in the Department of Journalism and is threatened by Abby's determination and success. He tries to sabotage her academic pursuits, but Abby remains determined to succeed.

As the end of the semester approaches, Abby and her family face unexpected challenges and setbacks. Abby must make a difficult decision that could jeopardize her relationship with Richard, and her son Jerry must confront the consequences of his actions.

Overall, Mother Is a Freshman is a heartwarming and inspiring movie that celebrates the power of education, the resilience of the human spirit, and the importance of family. Loretta Young gives a standout performance as Abby, a brave and determined woman who refuses to let age or societal expectations hold her back. Van Johnson is charming and charismatic as Richard, and the supporting cast is strong and endearing. The film's themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and love and family are timeless and resonate with audiences of all ages. Mother Is a Freshman is a true classic of 1940s cinema, and a must-see for fans of the era.

Mother Is a Freshman
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    6.2  (450)