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  • 1941
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Navy Blues, released in 1941, is a hilarious comedy film featuring three big names from the era: Ann Sheridan, Jack Oakie, and Martha Raye. Directed by Lloyd Bacon, the movie tells the story of a beautiful nightclub singer, Rusty Davis (Sheridan), who finds herself joining the Navy during World War II after a misunderstanding with a sailor.

As soon as Rusty arrives in the naval base, she is greeted by the attention of several sailors, including a sailor-turned-officer named Smoky (Oakie). Smoky is captivated by Rusty's beauty and is convinced that she would be the perfect wife for him. However, Rusty is not interested in settling down until after the war, so she becomes friendly with some of the other sailors.

Rusty befriends J. Smith (Raye), an enthusiastic and humorous sailor who becomes Rusty's partner in crime. J. Smith is always coming up with wild schemes to try and make money, much to Rusty's amusement. Together, Rusty and J. Smith end up getting into a lot of trouble, including accidentally causing a blackout during an important Navy event.

As Rusty and Smoky's relationship continues to evolve, the two start to realize that they may have feelings for each other. However, their romantic interests are complicated by the fact that Rusty is still technically engaged to another man. Meanwhile, J. Smith continues to try and help Rusty with her financial troubles, but his plans often backfire in the most comical ways possible.

One of the most memorable scenes in the film involves Rusty and J. Smith trying to sneak a group of goats onto the naval base. The goats end up causing a lot of chaos and destruction, and the resulting mayhem provides some of the movie's funniest moments.

Despite all the trouble Rusty and J. Smith cause, they are eventually able to make amends and help the Navy in a surprisingly heroic way. The film concludes with both Rusty and Smoky realizing their feelings for each other and deciding to get married after the war.

Overall, Navy Blues is an enjoyable and light-hearted comedy that provides plenty of laughs and entertainment. The humor is a bit slapstick at times, but the film's talented cast makes everything work. Fans of classic Hollywood films will enjoy this charming movie from the early 1940s.

Navy Blues
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