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  • 2006
  • 17 min
  • 7.0  (95)

Mother is a heart-wrenching drama that tells the story of a woman named Isabelle (Angela Featherstone) who is forced to confront the painful memories of her childhood when she returns to her hometown after many years away. Isabelle is haunted by the guilt of leaving her mother (Alejandro Furth) behind to pursue her dreams of being an artist in New York City. Her guilt is further intensified by the fact that her younger sister, Genevieve (Ashleigh Sumner), took over the role of caring for their mother, who suffered from mental illness, after Isabelle left.

The film is structured as a series of flashbacks, with Isabelle reflecting on her past as she tries to make sense of the present. Through these flashbacks, we see Isabelle's relationship with her mother evolve from one of love and affection to one of frustration and resentment as her mother's mental health deteriorates. Isabelle is often forced to take on the role of parent to her mother as she becomes increasingly erratic and unpredictable, and it becomes clear that her mother's illness is taking a toll on the entire family.

As Isabelle grapples with the memories of her past, she also has to deal with the realities of her present. Genevieve is unhappy with Isabelle's return and sees it as a threat to the fragile stability she has created in their family. Isabelle also meets up with an old flame, who forces her to confront the fact that she may have left her hometown because she was running away from her responsibilities.

Throughout the film, Featherstone delivers a deeply nuanced performance as Isabelle, capturing the character's vulnerability and pain as she confronts the ghosts of her past. Sumner is also compelling as Genevieve, bringing a complex mix of resentment, anger, and loyalty to her role as the family caretaker. The two actresses work seamlessly together, unraveling a complicated family dynamic with subtlety and grace.

Director and writer Joon-ho Bong masterfully steers the film through its emotional terrain, deftly balancing the darkness of Isabelle's past with moments of tenderness and hope. His use of flashbacks creates a sense of fluidity throughout the film, blurring the boundaries between past and present and highlighting the ways in which our memories shape who we are.

Overall, Mother is a powerful and moving exploration of family, responsibility, and the painful legacies we inherit from our past. It is a film that lingers long after the credits roll, leaving viewers with a deep sense of empathy for its complex and compelling characters.

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