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  • 2008
  • 85 hr
  • 6.3  (101)

Directed by Carl Bessai, Mothers & Daughters (2008) is an affecting and thought-provoking film that examines the complex and intricate relationships between mothers and their daughters. Top-lined by Babs Chula, Gabrielle Rose, and Tantoo Cardinal, the movie provides a quiet yet profound exploration of familial bonds, identities, and the inescapable joys and pains of women at different stages of their lives.

Babs Chula delivers a standout performance as Micki, an aging yet vivacious actress who in the twilight of her life, seeks to reconcile with her estranged daughter Rebecca. Fiercely independent and somewhat hedonistic, Micki is a woman trying to hold onto her youth and control while facing her own mortality, often masking her emotional vulnerability behind a wall of brusque humor and self-aware sarcasm. The movie fabulously showcases the palpable tension and unresolved issues lingering between Micki and her daughter. It pokes around the complexities and barriers that exist in their relationship, alongside exploring mother-daughter dynamics in a broader sense.

Gabrielle Rose embodies the character of Brenda, grappling with her own internally conflicted sense of identity as a mother. Balancing her career, marriage, and motherhood, she struggles with inappropriate feelings for her son's friend. The movie sheds light on her struggle with early-onset dementia as well as her longing for past times. Her performance is thoughtful and moving, bringing us into the heart of a woman who is trying to make sense of herself amidst domestic chaos and personal insecurities.

Tantoo Cardinal gives an equally compelling performance as Celine, a Native Canadian woman and a mother with a harsh past. Silent, introspective, and enigmatic, Celine is isolated from her daughter owing to cultural traditions and unspoken traumas. Her character adds the element of cultural diversity and explores the themes of loss and displacement. The movie delves into her silent world, offering a substantial insight into a mother-daughter narrative often left untold.

Bessai utilizes his strained relationships between these characters as a crucible to examine the sorrows and bitterness rooted deep within familial bonds. Using smart camera work and an intimate narrative style, he thrives in producing a complex portrayal of motherhood - flawed, real, and multi-dimensional. However, the film also highlights moments of joy, gentleness, and affection that motherhood brings. The interwoven plots present the multifaceted experiences of mothers and daughters, from frustration and despair to acceptance and love.

Mothers & Daughters has a palpable sense of authenticity, being raw and real, carrying a tremendous emotional effect that is rarely seen in modern cinema. Here, motherhood is not portrayed as a mere trope or a source of cliched drama but a profound source of identity, complexity, and intense emotions. Each actress delivers the raw details of their character’s singular experiences and worldviews, making one rethink their conception of motherhood and women’s lives.

The film immerses you in these mothers and daughters’ lives - with its vivid storyline and marvelously effective performances. Through the character's strength, weakness, joy, and pain, the audience gets a visceral exploration of what it means to be a mother and a daughter. The movie is heightened by its sharp focus on women, their experiences, and perspectives — a refreshing and necessary departure from the oft-narrated male experiences.

Audiences expecting uplifting drama or comedic escapades may find their expectations subverted. Mothers & Daughters ventures into thought-provoking subject matter and emotional depth, not straying from melancholic notes or uncomfortable realities. But it is through this stark portrayal of life that it achieves its poetic strength, making it an emotionally enriching film that is likely to resonate with audiences, especially women.

Mothers & Daughters is a gripping portrayal of the undeniable bond and the complex dynamics of motherhood. It captures the essence of the emotional landscape of mothers, their sacrifices, satisfying love, heartbreaking loss, and unspoken truths. It’s not just a movie about women, but a sincere narrative that offers a powerful commentary on motherhood and womanhood and is sure to leave viewers deep in thought.

Mothers & Daughters is a 2008 drama with a runtime of 85 hours. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.3.

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    85 hr
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    6.3  (101)