My Future Boyfriend

"Make a date with destiny."
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My Future Boyfriend is a TV movie broadcast on ABC Family that includes a cast led by Sara Rue and Barry Watson. The movie reveals the life of Elizabeth Barret, who is a talented writer who has just released her first novel. She seems to have it all, but there is something missing in her life which is the one thing she truly desires: true love.

This novel is discovered in the future by a human called PAX who reads the book and is fascinated by the story and does not know anything about love. He finds out that love created suffering in the past, and he decides to go back in time and meet the author of the novel so she can explain to him the concept of love, passion and love making. Elizabeth at the time is engaged to Richard, but she still is not sure about their relationship, especially after meeting this new guy who seems so interesting.

| 2011 | 2 hr | 5.5/10
Sara Rue, Barry Watson, Fred Willard, Enisha Brewster
Michael Lange
Produced By
Rob Lee, Craig McNeil, James Orr
My Future Boyfriend
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Also directed by Michael Lange