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Sorority Boys is about three college friends who are enjoying the wild life of being in a popular fraternity. Dave, Adam and Doofer belong to Kappa Omicron Kappa, which is known for being the rowdiest frat on campus. The guys are trying to use their connections in the fraternity to get good jobs when they finish school. However, they are falsely accused of taking money that was to go to the big end-of-the-year cruise to be attended by some of the frat's wealthy founders, which gets them kicked out of the frat house.

The friends set out to prove that they are innocent by searching for evidence in the Kappa house. So that they go undetected, they decide to disguise themselves as women. When found sneaking around the Kappa house, the members of the frat decide that the “girls” are members of a sorority that the Kappas despise, called Delta Omicron Gamma. Dave, Adam and Doofer are taken to the Deltas' house, who gladly take them thinking that they are just really ugly girls. The guys decide to keep up the ruse because it means free room and board with the Deltas. As they pledge with the Deltas, they are constantly berated by a rival sorority, Pi Pi Pi.

As the school year continues, the guys learn of the difficulties of being women and deal with various struggles. Dave falls in love with the Delta's president, Leah. Leah has struggles of her own accepting who she thinks is a woman as a partner.

The guys find a way to get on the big year-end cruise by helping the Deltas beat the Pis in a football game. While on the cruise, Dave tries to spend time with Leah dressed as woman and then attempts to change into men's clothes to suck up to the big wigs on the cruise to get a good job.

Ultimately, Dave, Adam and Doofer are exposed in the most awkward way and must explain why they decided to keep up appearances for so long. The movie takes a close look at gender roles and how difficult it is for a man and a woman to understand the perspective of the other. It also deals with the fact that those who choose to go through life hurting others are going to wind up with an empty life in the end.

| 2002 | 1 hr 33 min | 5.5/10 | 25/100
Barry Watson, Michael Rosenbaum, Harland Williams, Melissa Sagemiller
Wallace Wolodarsky
Produced By
Michael Fottrell, Larry Brezner, Walter Hamada

Also starring Barry Watson

Also starring Michael Rosenbaum

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