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Puppy Dog Pals is about fun-loving pug puppies, brothers Bingo and Rolly, have thrill-seeking appetites that take them on exhilarating adventures in their neighborhood and around the globe. Whether helping their owner Bob or assisting a friend in need, the pugs' motto is that life is more exciting with your best friend by your side.

Friday 10:30 AM et/pt on Discovery Channel
4 Seasons, 79 Episodes
April 14, 2017
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Puppy Dog Pals Full Episode Guide

  • Bingo and Rolly go on a mission to find a special balloon for Keia's birthday party. / hen the pugs' cousin, Cody, goes missing during a game of hide-and-seek, Bingo and Rolly must find him before his family comes to pick him up.

  • Bingo and Rolly search for the perfect pair of cowboy boots so Bob can go line dancing during his Texas road trip. When Bob discovers the clock tower in a small town he's visiting is broken, the pugs go on a mission to fix it.

  • Bob rents a floating house on the Mississippi River with Bingo and Rolly.

  • When the pugs find out that the light on Bob's favorite lighthouse isn't working, they go on a mission to fix it. While in Nashville, Bingo and Rolly find a lost guitar and go on a mission to return it to its rightful owner.

  • Bingo and Rolly band together with their animal friends to build a new home for Bulworth. The pugs blast off to the rescue when Rover's robo-brother, Spot, becomes stranded on the moon.

  • The Pugs head to the end of a rainbow to find a pot big enough for Bob's St. Patrick's Day stew. Bob and the pups plan on joining the Playcare's yoga class.

  • The pups must fix Hero's new birthday toy after Rolly and Keia accidentally break it. The Pugs head to Canada to save Bob's pancake surprise for Bonnie.

  • When Bob's valentine for Ana accidentally gets mailed to Italy, the Pugs head out to bring it back. When a young skunk accidentally ends up in Bob's yard, the Pugs go on a mission to help her find her way home.

  • The Pugs throw Keia a picnic when she can't attend the Playcare's picnic in the park; Rolly gets carried away when he designates himself as judge to keep the peace at Playcare.

  • The Pugs make a hospitalized child's wish for a visit by a celebrity pup come true.

  • The Pugs and pals head to the North Pole to help Santa's Elves meet the Christmas Deadline.

  • The pugs search for a real turkey that Chloe can use as a model for her drawing. Rolly must have his favorite limited-edition flavor of dog food for the Annual Friendship Feast.

  • The Playcare float breaks down before the People and Pets Parade! The Pugs and Keia head out on an ocean-bound mission to find the perfect seashell for Ana!

  • When Bob discovers he lost a library book, the Pugs race out on a mission to get it before it's due.

  • When Bob can't fix ARF's voice box, Bingo and Rolly race to find an inventor. Bob's favorite knight goes missing at a jousting event, plunging the Pugs on a mission to find him.

  • Bingo and Rolly head to Germany to replace the bird in Bob's cuckoo clock. While on a scuba vacation, the pugs search the coral reefs for Bob's lost diving flippers.

  • A flat tire derails Bob's road trip with the Pugs.

  • The pugs set out to get Bob to Tahiti on his dream vacation; Bingo and Rolly search the golf course for Bob's missing golf ball.

  • After Cupcake hurts Rufus' feelings, Bingo and Rolly reunite the best friends.

  • Bob wants to wake up on his dream vacation, so the pugs set out to get him to Tahiti while he sleeps.

  • Bob, Bingo and Rolly sign up for a game show; after Bob's trip is canceled, the Pugs head to New York City to bring the Empire State Building to him.

  • On Take Your Dog to Work Day, the pups lose an important part of Bob's presentation; Bob, the pugs and Keia run out of popcorn at their first slumber party.

  • When a puppy gets lost at Adopt-A-Palooza, it's up to the pugs, Keia and their new friend to find it. Bingo, Rolly and Keia go off in search of Captain Wunderbark's long-lost ship.

  • Hedgie helps the pups catch the veggie bandit in Bob's vegetable patch. The pups get trained by a puppy-ball expert for the puppy-ball championship.

  • Chloe's dad's flight is canceled on Father's Day, so Keia and the pugs go on an urgent mission to bring him home; and when Dash and Duke's favorite toy goes missing, the pugs and Keia search the lake to find it.

  • When Bob's lucky baseball bat breaks, the pups go on a mission to find him a new one in time for the championship game. The pugs help a group of lost moles find their way back home!

  • The puppies assemble their own real-life team of puppy heroes. Bob takes the pugs on a conservation vacation where he volunteers to study sea turtles.

  • When Bonnie's dinosaur bone is lost, the pups team up with a roadrunner to find it; the pups set out to look for Bob's favorite golf socks before he participates in a tournament.

  • While in New Zealand, the pugs try to return a large egg before it hatches.

  • The pugs plan to bring Bob's favorite food truck back to him but Cupcake and Rufus have a different plan.

  • The pugs help their nervous puppy cousin, Cody, feel comfortable in a new place. When Hissy's favorite toy goes missing, the pups go on a mission to find it for their kitty sister.

  • Fun-loving puppies Bingo and Rolly take daily adventures around their neighborhood and beyond.

  • After meeting a duckling that thinks he's a puppy, the pugs must teach him to be a duck; and Bob and the pups head to Washington to compete in an environmental invention competition.

  • Dinner goes missing. ARF runs out of batteries.

  • Rolly and Bingo go on adventures around the world to quench their appetites for thrill.

  • When Bob is disappointed that there's no wind to test his new kite invention, Bingo and Rolly go on a mission to the Windy City; Keia is nervous to go to the groomer for the first time.

  • The pugs go to Madagascar to learn about lemurs; when a big dog takes Keia's toy at the dog park, Bingo and Rolly make it their mission to retrieve the toy.

  • When Bob asks Bingo and Rolly to protect a snowman he's building, the pugs make it their mission to keep their new snowy friend as cool as possible.

  • The pugs bring Bob dinner. Keia’s caterpillar missing.

  • The pugs head to the Swiss Alps. Happy birthday, Bob!

  • The pups return a toy and search for a lost ball.

  • The pugs go to Japan. A.R.F. gets a robo-cold.

  • After Bob builds a doghouse for Keia, the pugs encourage her to host a puppy housewarming party. Rolly loses his first puppy tooth and can't wait for a visit from the Fang Fairy!

  • "A New Pup in Town"

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