My Mother Likes Women

"Family just isn't what is used to be!"

This Spanish movie is about a middle-aged mom who decides on her birthday to tell her daughters that she is in love with another women. She introduces them to the woman, who turns out to be their age. The daughters don't accept their mother's revelation and plot to get her new lover to leave. But after they do and their mother becomes depressed, they set out to rectify the situation.

| 2002 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.3/10 | 51/100
Leonor Watling, Rosa Maria Sardà, MarÑa Pujalte, Silvia Abascal
Norador Productions
Daniela Fejerman, Ines Paris
My Mother Likes Women
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Also starring Rosa Maria Sardà

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A mi madre le gustan las mujeres (My mother loves women) trailer subs english|2:11