My Name Is Shanghai Joe

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"One Man Stands Alone In His Fight For Justice"
  • R
  • 1973
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 5.8  (1,122)

My Name Is Shanghai Joe is a 1973 spaghetti western movie directed by Mario Caiano, starring the Chinese actor, Chen Lee in the titular role of Shanghai Joe. The film also features Klaus Kinski and Carla Romanelli in the supporting roles. The movie revolves around Shanghai Joe, a Chinese immigrant who comes to America in search of fortune. He soon discovers that the American West is not the land of opportunity he thought it was. Instead, he faces racism and discrimination from the local residents.

Shanghai Joe is then hired as a laborer by a wealthy landowner, Mr. Whitaker, played by Klaus Kinski. Mr. Whitaker is a tyrannical and evil man who mistreats his Mexican workers and abuses Shanghai Joe.

Shanghai Joe befriends a Mexican girl, Tanya, played by Carla Romanelli. She is the daughter of one of Mr. Whitaker's workers and is often mistreated by him. Together, Shanghai Joe and Tanya plan to revolt against Mr. Whitaker and his henchmen.

The movie features a lot of action scenes, including Shanghai Joe showcasing his kung fu skills against Mr. Whitaker's gunmen. The action sequences are well-choreographed and make for an entertaining watch.

Apart from the action, the movie also highlights themes of racial discrimination, the struggle of immigrants, and the fight against oppression. The portrayal of racism and discrimination faced by Shanghai Joe and the Mexican workers is hard-hitting and at times uncomfortable to watch.

The movie has a unique blend of spaghetti western and kung fu action, which was not common in movies at the time. The two genres complement each other well and give the movie a distinct flavor.

Chen Lee delivers a great performance as Shanghai Joe. He portrays the character with a quiet intensity and shows off his martial arts skills in the action scenes. Klaus Kinski also delivers a solid performance as the evil Mr. Whitaker. His menacing presence is felt throughout the movie.

Carla Romanelli, though appearing in a smaller role, shines in her performance as Tanya. She brings an emotional depth to her character and adds a new dimension to the story.

The movie's soundtrack, composed by Bruno Nicolai, is also a highlight. The music perfectly captures the mood of the movie and complements the action sequences and emotional scenes.

In conclusion, My Name Is Shanghai Joe is an entertaining movie that blends spaghetti western and kung fu action to create a unique cinematic experience. The themes of racial discrimination and fight against oppression make the movie relevant even today. The performances, action sequences, and music all come together to make it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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    5.8  (1,122)