Naked in New York

"Love. Work. Life. Even when you have all the pieces… some assembly is required"

Naked in New York is a romantic comedy movie. This is the story of one man's life. This story is told through flashbacks. Jake is sitting in his car and is all grown up. He begins talking about life and other philosophical issues. As he talks the movie flashes back to the various scenes of his life which have affected him the most.

This comedy is about life and romance. This man has finally grown up but still cherishes the past and where it has taken him in life. He must move forward and uses his memories as a springboard to the future.

| 1993 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.7/10
Eric Stoltz, Mary-Louise Parker, Ralph Macchio, Jill Clayburgh
Some Film
Daniel Algrant
Produced By
Frederick Zollo
Naked in New York
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Also starring Mary-Louise Parker

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